The Fiancee Charade, Darcy Maguire
Darcy Maguire

The Fiancee Charade

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The diary of Jess Thompson…
Friday 7th: My business is struggling–need to get inside info from arch-rival businessman Alex Calahan. He's looking for a bride–and my colleague thinks I could help….
Wednesday 12th, a.m.: Alex has hired me to teach him the art of romance! Note to self: must not fall for Alex. He might be gorgeous–but he seems to be after that snob Natasha Bradford-Jones.
Wednesday p.m.: Eek! He's persuaded me to pose as his fiancée to make horrid Natasha jealous! But why does he want her? I'm the one for him!
Friday 14th: His fiancée charade is having opposite effect–he seems more interested in me! Note to self: can I fall for him now?
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HarperCollins Publishers, Mills Boon



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