Mike Fisher,Bruce A.Thyer,Jennifer Bellamy,Dorian E.Traube,Edward J.Mullen,Haluk Soydan,Inge M.Bryderup,Karin Tengvald,Mikko Mäntysaari,Peter Marsh,Sarah E.Bledsoe,Walter Lorenz

Social Work Practice to the Benefit of Our Clients: Scholarly Legacy of Edward J. Mullen

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This book follows the intellectual track and legacy of one of the most illustrious social work educators of our time, Edward J. Mullen, the Willma and Albert Musher Professor Emeritus of Columbia University and a fellow of the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare. The collection of chapters is written by European and American scholars, social work leaders in their respective countries and beyond. Most of the contributions originate from a seminar organized by the Inter-Centre Network for Evaluation of Social Work Practice (Intsoceval), a network of social work scholars, and hosted in 2014 by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy. This volume provides a remarkable and unique perspective on not only the professional trajectory of an eminent social worker but also the history of contemporary social work.
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