Frank M.Rines

How to Draw Trees

«To be able to draw and paint trees and have them look like trees and not just strokes, or gobs of paint, is the supreme test of a landscape artist's ability," declares the author of this practical manual. Distinguished landscape artist Frank M. Rines offers the benefit of his many years of teaching experience in this informative manual, which shows how to re-create one of nature's most triumphant creations: the tree.This concise guide illustrates the dominant features of many common trees, with examples of typical, familiar species—elm, maple, willow, apple, birch, pine, and others—both with and without foliage. Studies of individual trees are followed by illustrations of trees in groups or as incidental parts of more elaborate compositions. Drawings are rendered in pencil and other media, with emphasis on the subject rather than the materials. Accompanying text explains how art students at all levels can develop and improve their own techniques by applying fundamental rules.
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    Does the whole silhouette have the appearance of informal balance? Are the different masses varied enough as to size, shape, and continuity? Are they distributed in such a manner that the tree does not have the effect of being divided right through the center in respect to the light and shade areas? Are the skyholes sufficiently varied in character so as not to seem made with a rubber stamp?

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