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German Short Stories

The Simple Way To Learn German…

If you are curious about the German language, eager to know interesting things about Germany's culture and her people, or are just an ambitious reader looking for new short stories to add to your digital library, then this book would be a great fit for you!

This book features several short stories in the Germanic tongue, along with their English translations. There are also sections dedicated to some grammatical and critical notes on the texts. The purpose of this book is not only to inform the reader about the German language, but also to entertain, and this short story collection does just that with ease. The topics that these stories cover range from private detective work to war, and from fairytale pancakes running from their evil captors to simple house tours. You won't want to miss out on any of it.

This book is intended for use by beginner to intermediate German language level learners, so the reader need not be intimidated. Here, he or she will not find any technical jargon fit for a professional linguist or any esoteric German fit for a native German speaker. As was mentioned before, the purpose of this book is to inform and entertain, not to prepare the reader for a doctoral dissertation on German literature.

The stories included in this book were written by a number of contemporary authors in a number of genres and styles. They are as follows:

Daisy Macbeth by Crystal Jones

Die Andernacher Bäckersjungen by H.A. Guerber

Einkaufen im Supermarkt (Anonymous)

Unser Haus (Anonymous)

Die Suche Nach Lorna by Crystal Jones

Der Hausvater by H.A. Guerber

Das Reiterbild in Düsseldorf by H.A. Guerber

Der Pfannkuchen by H.A. Guerber

As mentioned before, these stories are not only featured in both English and German, they are also supplemented with additional notes exploring the storytelling elements of each story along with grammatical notes, tips, and such.

Don't wait another moment to enjoy from this information — Get your copy of German Short Stories right away!
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