Josh Thirion

Bake with Josh

Bake with Josh follows the success of Cook with Josh, which has sold over 10 000 copies in English and Afrikaans since its release in 2012. Bake with Josh contains Josh’s favourite baking recipes and has been divided into six chapters. Big cakes; Small cakes and muffins; Biscuits, traybakes and other treats; Breads; Tarts, pies and pastries and Oven bakes. Each chapter is complemented by mouth-watering food photography, Josh’s own hand-drawn cartoons and step-by-step cartoon comic strips. While waiting for the delicious goodies to finish baking, kids can enjoy the fun games and activites in Bake with Josh such as connect-the-dots, spot-the-difference, find-the-words, crosswords, mazes and colouring-in. Josh has also included a colourful page with fun facts and baking tips. Bake with Josh is jam-packed with over 40 tried-and-tested recipes that range from favourites such as Carrot cake and Banana bread to new and interesting recipes such as Millionaire-in-training chocolate cake, Cone cupcakes and Chocolate lava cakes. It will inspire young and old to produce hearty baked treats for the whole famly. Even Gordon Ramsey says: ‘Josh is incredibly talented in the kitchen and at such a young age. He really is an inspiration to other kids who want to get cooking. Good luck!’
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