Virginia Arthur,Joseph R.Ferrari,August John Hoffman,Desiree Weins,Glen Milstein,Michelle Filkins

Creating a Transformational Community

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The purpose of Creating a Transformational Community: The Fundamentals of Stewardship Activities is to provide the reader with a description of the important role that community development has in establishing healthy, cooperative and prosocial relationships among individuals residing within their neighborhoods and communities. The manuscript examines four primary domains in how communities can grow and positively influence individual and holistic development as well as group interaction: Education and Organized School Systems; Environmental Development, such as “green” sustainable programs; Healthful Nutrition; and Spiritual Growth and Development
An important scope of the manuscript is to provide the reader with insight how these four primary community domains interact with each other to play a critical role in the healthy development not of the individual but also how groups within society can work cooperatively and interdependently in creating a healthier and more sustainable community.
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