A Joosr Guide to The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

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Have you ever thought you were making a perfectly logical choice, only to find yourself doing something entirely irrational? You're not alone. Every day, people all over the world struggle to make rational choices, and simply learning why could be the key to thinking clearly.

Even when we think we're making a good choice, our minds have countless different ways to manipulate our thought processes and lead us to entirely unintended decisions. Psychologists call these “cognitive errors,” and in The Art of Thinking Clearly, you'll not only discover what they are, but you'll learn how to prepare against them, helping you to keep your mind clear and focused to make rational judgments.

You will learn:

· Why you shouldn't always pay attention to what you hear on the news

· How your mind makes you think your personal experience is universal truth

· Why advertisers love cognitive errors, and how they use them to trick you every day.
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    Workers will therefore be more motivated by the threat of losing $500 than they would be by the chance to gain $500
    rfцитирует9 месяцев назад
    In other words, luck didn’t cause you to win; winning caused you to believe in luck!
    Aigerim Katayevaцитирует2 года назад
    Our emotions can also be easily influenced by outside resources like incentives and reasoning. We subconsciously want everything that happens to have a purpose, so when someone gives us a reason for an action or an incentive to complete a job, our minds see an end to the story and our emotions light up positively.

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