Allyson C. Naquin

Ketogenic Vegan

Who said Pleasure of Eating and Vegan can't go together!?

The fusion between Electric pressure cooker and Vegan is the perfect deal for anyone who is conscious about their health.
In this book you will find proven strategies to help you find balance in your life by being one with nature.
Eating clean, fresh and natural plant-based foods that will not only provide you with the best and purest nutrition but will also reduce your carbon footprint on our beautiful planet and also preserve the natural food chains just as nature intended.
We are going to start by taking an in-depth look of the vegan diet and vegan lifestyle as a whole and how you can easily transition into this lifestyle without feeling like you are missing your meaty lifestyle as well as looking at what you stand to gain by going the vegan route.
We are going to end on a delicious note with some of the best tasting and innovative electric pressure cooker vegan recipes that will leave you pinching yourself for having not discovered the vegan diet sooner!

Some of the things you will learn here includes:

• Benefits of consuming live plant based foods
•Understanding veganism
• More than 150 Electric pressure cooker Vegan recipes!
• Why You Need an Electric pressure cooker Miracle in Your Home

And much more!

Eating healthy is going to be easier than you would have ever imagined! You don't just cook out of curiosity, you cook knowing what you will get.

If you live by the going green philosophy, this is the book for you! Put on your reading glasses and let us embark on this health journey together!
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