Stanley Adamson

The Lectin Free Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Quick And Easy Lectin Free Recipes To Lose Weight And Get Rid Of Digestive Problems

Join millions of people who have transformed their health by changing to a lectin free diet. The 60 delicious recipes in The Lectin Free Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook will assist you greatly in achieving your diet goals. These recipes contain only ingredients that are on the “Yes” List of the lectin free diet. You can cook your meals very quickly and be sure that they are completely free of harmful lectins.

These meals are easy to cook and contain easy-to-find ingredients. The variety of recipes gives you something exciting to look forward to each time you cook and the little time you spend in the kitchen will give you mouthwatering rewards. A full list of foods to eat and foods to avoid on this diet is provided as a further guide to creating even more meals.

If you suffer from an inflammatory or autoimmune condition and have not found relief by eliminating FODMAPS or gluten from your diet, then this is the book that you need
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