Stephan Collishaw

The Song of the Stork

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A Jewish girl finds refuge with a village outcast during WWII in this “elegantly crafted, beautifully written novel about love, survival and hope” (William Ryan).
In a small Eastern European village, fifteen-year-old Yael is on the run from Nazi invaders. The so-called village idiot, Aleksei is a solitary mute who does not want for company. But as the brutal winter advances, he reluctantly takes Yael in. As she begins to win his trust, a delicate relationship develops between them.
But beyond Aleksei’s remote homestead, the war rages on, and Yael cannot hide forever. A Jewish partisan group is organizing in the woods to mount a counterattack. Torn between her love and her need to fight, Yael must find her voice as the voices around her are being extinguished.
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195 бумажных страниц
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Legend Press


    megustasbananaделится впечатлением3 года назад
    💧До слез

    Kinda hate the ending, it left me hanging :(

    Linzi Dadaделится впечатлением5 лет назад


    selinozgulделится впечатлением2 года назад


    Aep Hamaraцитирует5 лет назад
    “I have nothing to do here and cannot imagine what might come. It’s like the future and present have been taken from me, and I’m left only with memories. Sometimes I can picture them, as clear and tangible as if they were here – or rather, I was there. I feel I could reach out and touch them.
    Mariam Golovniaцитирует3 года назад
    twigs and bracken
    natalyalitrovnikцитирует4 года назад
    A still small voice,’ he said. ‘It was not in the thunder nor the lightning, nor in the strong wind, but in the still small voice that God was.

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