Laura Karr

Pop It, Stir It, Fix It, Serve It

From the over-scheduled, the inexperienced, and the fully prepared to the devoted camper/boater/tail-gater—anyone can have dinner on the table in no time with the flip of a lid. Following the success of Laura Karr’s The Can Opener Gourmet®, she offers 200 more quick, delicious and nutritious worry-free recipes in her second cookbook, Pop It, Stir It, Fix It, Serve It
With the new digital version of the book, all those delicious, timesaving meals and treats are right at your fingertips. It’s the perfect cookbook for busy people who like to maximize their time with minimum effort.
Reminding us that canned foods are preservative-free, retain peak nutritional value from time of harvest, and are already washed, cooked, chopped and ready for use, Karr has developed recipes from starters to desserts based on these facts to shorten prep time for some of your favorites—all from the convenience of your cabinet.
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