Brothers in Arms, G.S. Willmott
G.S. Willmott

Brothers in Arms

This is an extraordinary story, one which provides insights into the dualities of human nature, especially against a background of war. We are confronted with the potential within all of us for both heroism and cowardice, honesty and deception, altruism and greed; there is, in the intensity of war-time, a heightened awareness of moral dilemmas, choices between good and evil which have eternally confronted humankind.
Weaving an intriguing narrative, the author confronts his readers also with the question: where does truth lie? At what point can one depart from contextual history to enter the world of fiction and imagination?
Brothers in Arms provides a rare balance between well-researched historical fact and convincingly imagined events and characters; the plot, with its constant surprises and multiple twists, Is a tour de force and sustains tension and suspense until the final pages.
By creating the personal tragedy of an imagined family within the social, cultural and historical framework of three wars and three continents, Garry Wilmott provides illuminating facts, thought-provoking questions and a constantly engaging read.
248 бумажных страниц
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Garry Willmott


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