Their Forever Family, Emily Forbes, Abigail Gordon, Molly Evans
Emily Forbes,Abigail Gordon,Molly Evans

Their Forever Family

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{"strong"=>["Their Forever Family “]}
{"em"=>["Her Family for Keeps"]}
Being a travelling nurse suits Rebel Taylor just fine—no ties, no relationships, no dating! With the Huntingdon’s gene in her family, what can she possibly offer a guy anyway? But hot shot doc Duncan McFee wholeheartedly disagrees!
{"em"=>["A Father for Poppy"]}
It may have been a brief fling, but Tessa Gilroy fell hard for gorgeous surgeon Drake Melford. Now he’s back and even more irresistible than ever! But Tessa’s now a mother now to adorable adopted daughter. Dare Tessa dream that Drake’s the one for her and Poppy?
{"em"=>["His Little Christmas Miracle"]}
Seven years ago, Jess Johnson gave away her heart to gorgeous Australian Lucas White. Yet, it was only after she was torn from Lucas’s arms that Jess discovered she was pregnant. Returning to beautiful Moose Ridge, could they be reunited as family for Christmas?
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HarperCollins Publishers, Mills Boon



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