Anson K.Cross

Light and Shade in Charcoal, Pencil and Brush Drawing

An instructional book for intermediate and advanced students, this volume is also a valuable tool for teachers looking to master the principles of light and shade. One of the most in-depth treatments available, it offers a wealth of details on mediums and techniques, including natural and artificial light, gradations, and more.Author Anson K. Cross begins with studies of chiaro-oscura, or light and shade, and examples of values and their tests. He discusses the aims of students and artists and offers some general advice on technique and method before exploring the specifics of charcoal, pencil, and brush drawing. Sixty-five black-and-white illustrations, many of them drawn by students, appear throughout the book.
294 бумажные страницы
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Dover Publications



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    Наталия Турбинацитируетв прошлом году
    The lightest part is not, as is commonly stated, the part which receives the most light, that is, the part at right angles to the direction of the light, but is the part which is situated so as to reflect the light most directly to the eye.
    karly ricaldiцитирует2 года назад
    Among these the works of Sir Joshua Reynolds
    karly ricaldiцитирует2 года назад
    ciples, and must also show how students may be led to see, think, and work independently.
    The books “Free-Hand Drawing,” “mechanical Drawing,” and “Color Study” form a necessary part of the National Drawing Course, as they contain the lessons in these different subjects which are to be given according to the order specified in the teacher’s “Outlines of Lessons.” “Light and Shade” contains no lessons or other work called for in the plan of study of the present system, for it is not considered wise to attempt light and shade in the public schools until pupils have gained more ability in free-hand drawing than they now generally acquire below the high school. In presenting, in the “Outlines of Lessons,”

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