Victor Perard

Drawing Flowers

A graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, acclaimed artist and illustrator Victor Perard emigrated to the United States in the 1930s and taught at New York City's Cooper Union for twenty years. His popular series of art instructional books covers the essentials on drawing — and his illuminating advice continues to help students and teachers today. In this illustrated guide to drawing Mother Nature's most beautiful flowers, Perard plants seeds of inspiration for artists of every ability. Dozens of black-and-white images highlight various techniques, as he shows how the variety of lines can add texture, light or movement to garden favorites. There are violets, daisies, and daffodils abloom, plus chrysanthemums, lilacs, lilies, and more. With a natural affinity for flowers of every kind, Perard reveals the rewards of this artistic effort — developing a sense of composition and an eye for balance in design. Includes a list of state flowers.
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    Diana Morariuделится впечатлением5 лет назад

    It is more a book about flowers, than a book about drawing. Could learn a thing or two.

    Line Kirstineделится впечатлением8 месяцев назад
    👎Не советую

    Ikke nogle konkrete tegneteknikker som man kan bruge

    Настя Воганделится впечатлением5 лет назад



    Nataliaцитирует2 года назад
    The feeling for art goes to waste unless it is backed by knowledge, and knowledge is acquired only through study and continual practice
    Madina Mustakhimцитирует5 лет назад
    It is better to use a few mediums proficiently than to use many, but none well.

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