Amanda McIntyre

Risky Business

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Under veil of darkness, passions will ignite, bodies will meet, and something unexpected will occur…love.
Sex sells and its Dr. Psychedelic Rainbo's belief that promiscuity is ruining the social structure of wholesome relationships. Forget that she's still a virgin, or that her sister's taunt her to 'stop running from her fears, and get a life.' Taken their words to heart, she reads an interview with 'Aphrodite's Pleasures' hunky VP, Erostatle Windgate on what it is women really want. Setting aside her fears, Psyche decides no more excuses, if an opportunity presents itself, she intends grab it by the reins.
Erostatle Windgate is a connoisseur of women. He's spent a lifetime honing the craft of seduction, learning what women really want, and providing that service. But declining sales, have his mother worried and she blames it on Dr. Psyche. Eros is sent to seduce and blackmail the good doctor, discredit her, and while he doesn't agree she's a threat, he's never turned down a beautiful woman.
After a heated encounter in the dark, the two make plans to meet again, but only under secrecy of darkness. Eros discovers a woman full of passion and warmth, one who makes him feel more of a man than he's ever been. But his mother's meddling interference exposes Eros original purpose to Psyche and now its up to him to convince his grandfather Zeus he is an innocent pawn in his mothers ruthless game and dodge his mothers lightening bolts of jealous accusations, while trying to prove his true feelings to Psyche.

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