Janette Mocke

Easy Party Treats for Children

Easy Party Treats for Children is aimed at anyone who wants to give their child a perfect party, without blowing the budget or having to spend hours in the kitchen. Using relatively few, readily available biscuits, sweets and decorations, it is possible to create a variety of treats for boys' and girls' parties. Party themes include Vehicles, Planes and Trains, Aliens and Creepy Crawlies, and Princesses and Magic Forests. Learn how to make cone figures, and how to turn marshmallows, ice cream cones, rice krispies, marie biscuits, and a variety of small sweets into a cornucopia of figures, animals and shapes that will delight and intrigue small party-goers. Beautiful photography helps to boost the imagination and, thanks to the helpful instructions and useful tips, you will soon be creating your own party treats.
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