Alexander Barrie

Correct Your Pelvis and Heal Your Back-pain

Of Pelvic Correction, without our spines enjoying alignment, whatever we do to improve our Immune Systems and state of health, unless our spines and our pelvises are aligned, we just cannot reach that optimum state of robustness we should like to attain and which is our birthright to enjoy.

It is not only back-pain and all other musculoskeletal-skeletal aches and pains we suffer, but the more subtle aspects of our physiology not producing what we want and what we need that matters also. All those pesky Conditions/Ailments that beset our lives, many are due to the misalignment of the pelvis and skeletal frame, so commonplace. Detrimental leg-length discrepancy is always a feature of a dislocated pelvis. This Book: Correct Your Pelvis & Heal Your Back-pain, explains amply the truthful situation with this almost plague-like Condition with Back-pain and all other musculoskeletal-skeletal aches and pains and also teaches the various antidotes to these corrosive Disorders.

The pelvis is: The Foundation of the Skeletal Frame and it determines to a large extent the health of the whole of the human spine when integrated and aligned so that its horizontality parallels to the Visible Horizon. (the visible line engendered when the sky meets the circumference of the earth) When this horizontality is projected outwards, on a plane to meet that horizon-line, there is balance and poise — This is one of the unseen connections to Mother Earth.  Not to mention again that, the healthy spine assists us to suffer fewer illnesses as well as flexibility of movement and an increase in Immunity that protects us from pathogens and other 'pain in the neck' disorders.

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