Patrick R Booz

Bali: A Travel Adventure

This stunning Bali travel pictorial features stunning photography that highlights the breathtaking landscapes of Bali and the diverse customs and traditions of the Balinese people.The tropical Indonesian paradise of Bali has extraordinarily vivid beauty. Terraced rice paddies seemingly rise up to the sky, while silhouetted palms, still active volcanoes and volcanic lakes contrast with lovely beaches and lagoons. Bali's temples, carved statues, and colorful art are evidence of a thriving culture that maintains its freshness and simplicity in a modern age. Bali: A Travel Adventure is an unforgettable visual record of the island and its people. The culture of Bali is a colorful world of ceremony, ritual, Balinese dance, and drama. Bali: A Travel Adventure explores what you will find rooted in Balinese culture, when you travel to Bali. You might learn when uncovering Balinese history, rituals and performing arts, that Bali is quite an alluring place.
157 бумажных страниц
Дата публикации оригинала
Periplus Editions, Tuttle Publishing
R. Ian Lloyd



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    Sasha Sasцитирует2 года назад
    Bali is considered the last outpost of mainland Asia, separated by a 1,000-foot (300-meter) deep channel from the island of Lombok to the east. This channel also represents an ecological boundary known as the Wallace Line after the 19th-century naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace. He noted that Bali has luxurious vegetation and animals found on the Asian mainland such as elephants, tigers, monkeys and wild cattle, while Lombok and the islands to the east suggest an affiliation with Australia and not Asia.
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