Clive Staples Lewis,James Martin,Ann Patchett,Desmond Tutu,N.T.Wright,John Dominic Crossan,Mpho Tutu,Father Jonathan Morris,Catherine Wolff,Thomas H. Groome,Candida Moss

The 10 Best Books to Read for Easter: Selections to Inspire, Educate, & Provoke

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With an Introduction by New York Times bestselling author James Martin, SJ, HarperOne presents The 10 Best Books to Read for Easter. This free sampler is a curated volume of excerpts from new and classic titles from leading authors in the field, including C. S. Lewis, N. T. Wright, Desmond Tutu, Ann Patchett, Candida Moss, John Dominic Crossan, Father Jonathan Morris, and Thomas H. Groome.The 10 Best Books to Read for Easter: Selections to Inspire, Educate, and Provoke includes:An Introduction from James Martin, SJAnd excerpts from:Together on Retreat by James Martin, SJMere Christianity by C. S. LewisSimply Jesus by N. T. WrightMade for Goodness by Desmond Tutu and Mpho TutuNot Less Than Everything by Catherine Wolff (Editor)The Worthless Servant by Ann PatchettThe Myth of Persecution by Candida MossThe Greatest Prayer by John Dominic CrossanGod Wants You Happy by Father Jonathan MorrisWill There Be Faith? by Thomas H. GroomeThe Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything by James Martin, SJ
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