William Makepeace Thackeray

The Book of Snobs

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    Alexandra Skitiovaцитируетв прошлом месяце
    What is it to be a gentleman? Is it to be honest, to be gentle, to be generous, to be brave, to be wise, and, possessing all these qualities, to exercise them in the most graceful outward manner? Ought a gentleman to be a loyal son, a true husband, and honest father? Ought his life to be decent—his bills to be paid—his tastes to be high and elegant—his aims in life lofty and noble?
    Alexandra Skitiovaцитирует2 месяца назад
    it Nestles in my Nightcap, and It Whispers, 'Wake, Slumberer, thy Work Is Not Yet Done.'
    Alexandra Skitiovaцитирует2 месяца назад
    One or other of these points at least is incontrovertible: the public wants a thing, therefore it is supplied with it; or the public is supplied with a thing, therefore it wants it.

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