Diana Wynne Jones

Charmed Life (The Chrestomanci Series, Book 1)

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A bewitching comic fantasy by a master of the supernatural
Cat doesn't mind living in the shadow of his sister, Gwendolen, the most promising young witch ever seen on Coven Street. But trouble starts brewing the moment the two orphans are summoned to live in Chrestomanci Castle. Frustrated that the witches of the castle refuse to acknowledge her talents, Gwendolen conjures up a scheme that could throw whole worlds out of whack.
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246 бумажных страниц


    CJ Smithделится впечатлением4 года назад


    I thought this was a good book. The slow beginning might turn some people off from it, but I didn’t mind. Gwendolyn’s evil nature surprised me though. I thought she was just a bratty kid. Nope... evil. Like... totally fine using her brother and killing him sort of evil. I was so happy when her Duplicate appeared. She’s so wonderful and kind. And she needed Cat. He could no longer cling to his sister. He had to be the one to figure things out. He made mistakes, but he tried which seems like a huge step for him.

    I’ll definitely be continuing with this series.


    CJ Smithцитирует4 года назад
    you’re lucky, you might just find that your cat will decide that you are a magical person worthy of attention. Or then again, maybe they’d just like some fish. . .
    CJ Smithцитирует4 года назад
    Knowing this makes cats extremely confident and self-sufficient, and they put their magic to use all the time. How else could they appear from nowhere whenever the fridge door is opened? Or make a human open a door or window for them when they have a perfectly good cat flap of their own? Or seek out and snuggle up to the one person in the room who hates cats?
    CJ Smithцитирует4 года назад
    For the first time in his life, Cat was angry about it. “She’s no business to!” he told the dragon. And he took his magic back. It was like a cool draft in his face.
    “Cat! Stop that!” Gwendolen screamed from the crowd.
    “Oh, shut up!” Cat shouted back. “It’s mine!”

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