Цитаты из книги «The Three-Body Problem», Cixin Liu

the first cry that could be heard in space from civilization on Earth was already spreading out from the sun to the universe at the speed of light. A star-powered radio wave, like a majestic tide, had already crossed the orbit of Jupiter.
The unusual term


Rick Morty
Rick Mortyцитируетвчера
Yang waited until


Rick Morty
Rick Mortyцитируетвчера
Wenjie, the company has


The fallen Dahurian


truth emerges from experience
In China, any idea that dared to take flight would only crash back to the ground. The gravity of reality is too strong
Children, that was a scientist. A real, bona fide scientist!
solidified devotion and yearning

укрепленная преданность и стремление

nook and cranny

ћошак и пукотину

seized the slender

ухвати витку

ardor and zeal coursing through her blood

gorljivost i revnost prolazeći kroz njenu krv

First: Survival is the primary need of civilization. Second: Civilization continuously grows and expands, but the total matter in the universe remains constant.


, emptiness is not nothingness. Emptiness is a type of existence. You must use this existential emptiness to fill yourself.”
many of them, at least thirty million. We’ll do mathematics using human wave tactics.”


He said, “Da Shi, have you ever… considered certain ultimate philosophical questions? For example, where does Man come from? Where does Man go? Where does the universe come from? Where does the universe go? Et cetera.”




“You must see the stars. Aren’t you awed and curious?”

“I never look at the sky at night.”

“How is that possible? I thought you often worked the night shift?”

“Buddy, when I work at night, if I look up at the sky, the suspect is going to escape.”

“We really have nothing to say to each other. All right. Drink!”
Topic Serial Number: 3760

Code Name: “Red Coast”

1. Goal [Summary]

To search for the possible existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and to attempt contact and exchange.
The universe itself was transparent; as long as you were sufficiently sharp-eyed, you could see as far as you liked. But the farther you looked, the more mysterious it became.
How can we get more attention than China Mobile, China Unicom, China Netcom? Without money, the secrets of the universe are worth shit.
Can the fundamental nature of matter really be lawlessness? Can the stability and order of the world be but a temporary dynamic equilibrium achieved in a corner of the universe, a short-lived eddy in a chaotic current?
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