Love Yourself, Stephen Fleming
Stephen Fleming

Love Yourself

Start your journey today with 21 Day Doable Plan For Learning “Self-Love” To Cultivate Self-Worth, Self-Belief, Self-Confidence, and Happiness!

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The Background Story:

In my last 10 years of professional experience as a Technology & Management Consultant, I have been always a keen observer of successful leaders and have been looking out for common grounds, habits, beliefs of each of them. All of them had one thing in common; “ They appreciated and loved themselves, their present situation, surrounding & people”. One of them explained it to me;" You know, its a habit and can be developed. If You feel good about yourself. It pulls you towards success!«. These continued interactions led to below conclusions:

# The entire journey towards any success and fulfillment begins with self- love and appreciation.

# You study or listen to achiever from any walk of life and he/she would always mention the magic of loving yourself.

# All of us are imperfect, but the journey towards being better versions of ourselves begins with learning the art of self-appreciation.

This book is a result of my research and interviews with many successful leaders and it explains a 21 day achievable plan to learn the art of self-love, which would eventually lead to other goals of self-belief, confidence & happiness.

Inside the Book you will discover:

# Understanding Self Love

# How You Benefit From Loving Yourself Unconditionally

# Learning self-love to cultivate self-worth, self-belief & self –confidence

# A 21-day action plan: It covers day 1 to day 21 activities and practice to be developed into daily habits
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Stephen Fleming



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Missy Esparza - Zion
Missy Esparza - Zionцитирует20 дней назад
I am a friendly and sociable person.

*I am a good time manager

*I can think on my feet

*I am innovative

*I have a big heart that seeks to help those in difficulties

*I am bright and smart
debbieeesameniцитирует5 месяцев назад
you accept that you have flaws.

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