Introducing Emotional Intelligence: A Practical Guide, David Walton
David Walton

Introducing Emotional Intelligence: A Practical Guide

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Effectively understand yourself and others, to achieve a happier, healthier life.
Improve your personal and professional relationships by learning a range of mental skills that can help you to successfully manage both yourself and the demands of working with others.

Teaching you to stay in control, interpret body language and cope with negativity, this Practical Guide will help you to become aware of your own feelings and those of others, understand them and manage their impact.

Filled with exercises, case studies and useful tips, Emotional Intelligence will help you to get smart about emotions and improve both your physical and psychological well-being.
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The bottom line is that we all have the capacity to develop new thinking and behaviour if we are sufficiently motivated. So not only can you learn about EI, you can learn to put it into practice.
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The vision was that the urge to build something – to create – resides in us all.
Foggy Mart
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rumination’. It usually happens as a result of being very aware of the gap between what we would like and what is happening in reality.
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