Caroline Joy Adams

The Power to Write

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A Writing Workshop in a Book!Caroline Joy Adams believes that everyone has stories to tell and she provides the inspiration and tools that will help anyone get started. Step-by-step, The Power to Write helps readers uncover their originality and master the ability to write their own stories. Writing teacher and artist/calligrapher Adams knows the tremendous power of the written word. And she has made it her mission to put into action her belief that everyone can experience and enjoy this power and the fruits of her or his own creativity. Many can write, but few do. Why? Fear stops us, Adams writes. Fear, not knowing how to get started, and the lack of inspiration. Having discovered these truths while teaching her numerous writing workshops, Adams has put them into The Power to Write and created a writing workshop in a book. Readers can use it alone or form their own groups. Using Adams' seven keys, hundreds of people have made creative breakthroughs:1. Become aware that you have the power to write. 2. Start your story with a powerful opening sentence or paragraph. 3. Create an emotional journey for your reader as your story unfolds. 4. Ask yourself the six most important questions about your unfolding story. 5. Focus on the five senses as you flesh out the details that enrich your story. 6. Discover and develop your own unique writing voice. 7. Gather the courage to share your work with others.
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    Sergei Naumovцитирует6 лет назад
    This impending change produces a sense of mounting tension
    Sergei Naumovцитирует6 лет назад
    A good story also allows your reader to temporarily step beyond his or her own boundaries. More than anything, it invites the reader to feel what the character feels—and thus to feel less alone, more connected to others, and part of the larger circle of life for that short passage of time during which he or she is absorbed in your words. And that highly desirable, though not always easy-to-attain feeling of enhanced connection to other minds, lives, and souls is something we are all seeking to experience, almost all the time.

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