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Manual for Undertaking National Urban Assessments

Urbanization in Asia is expected to reach 55% by 2030 and 64% by 2050 to constitute 53% of the world's urban population and contribute half the world's gross domestic product. But as cities swell, they also struggle with environmental degradation, traffic congestion, inadequate urban infrastructure, and lack of basic civic services. This manual prepared by Urban Sector Group of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides guidelines for conducting rapid urban assessments. It is guided by the Urban Operational Plan 2012–2020 which outlines ADB's support to its members in developing their urban economies through the 3E approach (Economy, Environment, and Equity). It presents a framework providing a context for the city-level 3E tool kits (Tool Kit for Rapid Economic Assessment, Planning, and Development of Cities in Asia; Green City Development Tool Kit; and Enabling Inclusive Cities: Tool Kit for Inclusive Urban Development).
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