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Fabulous Asian Homestyle Recipes

With its clear defined photos and easy to read recipes, Fabulous Asian Homestyle Recipes contains everything you need to know to create over 50 delicious, easy, and authentic Asian dishes. This cookbook contains recipes for a variety of dishes that are both healthy and appetizing. Fabulous Asian Homestyle Recipes features recipes for salads, snacks, soups, vegetables, noodles, rice, fish, seafood, poultry, meat, and desserts. Recipes include:Delicious crab omeletMiso soup with clamsSpicy chili potato chipsHanoi beef noodle soupYang Chow fried ricePan-fried fish fillets with soyFragrant red chickenDeep fried banana frittersAlso included are unit conversion tables, dual measurements, and an overview of the basic necessities for cooking authentic, simple, and appetizing Asian food. Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, and serving sizes. Enjoy!
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Periplus Editions, Tuttle Publishing



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