Alecandra Baldec

Yoga Anatomy: Organized Mind & Yoga Strength Training

Alecandra Baldec is combining soul & spirit searching, flexibility & the modern lifestyle, and powerful Meditation techniques & Yoga techniques for beginners in a very strategical & unique way. With this compilation that includes both of her books Meditation For Beginners & Yoga For Beginners. You will get the ultimate effortless Meditation secrets success system from her Daily Ritual Secret Series & the Yoga moves for beginners system from her Daily Yoga Ritual Secret Series. Alecandra calls it the ultimate Meditation & Yoga Lifestyle. You will learn inside how Yoga connects to Meditation and how Meditation connects to Yoga and how a Meditation & Yoga beginner can take lots of Meditation & Yoga benefits out of this combination of disciplines. The compilation is perfect for beginners of Meditation & Yoga who might have tried to integrate Meditation & Yoga into their life, but failed because of time constraints and modern life complexities. Watch out for Alecandra's Meditation secr
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Inge Baum



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    Alexandra Kulikalovaцитирует3 года назад
    You will be able to reform your thinking and your actions.
    Alexandra Kulikalovaцитирует3 года назад
    how to transform your thinking patterns.
    Alexandra Kulikalovaцитирует3 года назад
    In meditation we experience this state of higher consciousness because our mind is less cluttered and distracted and therefore we start to notice things that would normally pass our mind unnoticed.

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