The Duke & The Preachers Daughter, Barbara Cartland
Barbara Cartland

The Duke & The Preachers Daughter

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Imperious, handsome and gallant in battle, the Duke of Kingswood has stolen the hearts of many society Belles – but he is 'a block of ice which nobody can melt', determined never to marry. To continue the family line, he is counting on his cousin and heir presumptive Richard to marry well and produce a son.
To the Duke's horror, Richard's heart is bewitched by society siren and acclaimed beauty Lady Delyth Maulden – and disaster turns to tragedy when Richard finds his beloved in the arms of another, shoots him and turns his gun on himself. With Richard at death's door, the Duke is determined that he shall find a more suitable young beauty to mend his broken heart; to marry him and thwart Lady Delyth's scheming ways.
Like manna from heaven, a beautiful young grey-eyed waif calls to him for help for her ailing father as he rides through his estate. Could this modest, unassuming beauty be the ideal bride he seeks for Richard?
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Lovely and introspective♥️

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“Before you came into my life I questioned many things – whether there was a God, whether there was any plan in the Universe and certainly whether there was any survival after death.”
Cashmere Baban
Cashmere Babanцитирует2 года назад
the room that had until her death, been occupied by Lord Tring’s mother.
It was one of the sights of the castle and it was reputed that
stephensonannieцитирует4 года назад
Private duelling was never as prevalent in England as in France, although under James I it became in the words of Francis Bacon, an ‘unbridled evil’.
In George III's reign 172 duels were reported in which 91 persons were killed. In 1808 a notable duel took place between Viscount Castlereagh-the Secretary for War, and George Canning, the Foreign Secretary.
Up to 1840 the British Military code authorised duelling, but it became a Military Offence in the Army Act of 1881. Thereafter duels took place abroad, usually at Calais or Boulogne.
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