Global Warming, G.S. Willmott
G.S. Willmott

Global Warming

«Global Warming is a complex thriller with Garry Willmott's trademark mix of fact, fiction and projection. From the death of one man, pilot Ericson, the story builds to a tsunami of blackmail, terrorism, compromise and revenge… and that's before the Russian mafia gets in on the act!
If you've enjoyed Garry's other novels, you'll love Global Warming. Just hold on to your hats and watch out for AK47s.»
— Sally Odgers, author.
«Garry Willmott's latest book Global Warming is a ripping yarn of espionage and high adventure that stretches from one side of the globe to another.
It is a David and Goliath story in every sense and highlights the vulnerability of the world's smaller more independent countries to the impacts of environmental change.
It is Mr Willmott's obsession with detail which provides so much interest and authenticity in his writings.
Not unlike the Da Vinci Code, underpinning the sometimes-frenetic pace, there are twists and turns, shocks, surprises and mishaps.»
— Cenred Harmsworth, recording artist.
«Based on a plausible premise Garry has interspersed the drama with well-researched and poignant facts making the story quite thought provoking.
The story continues to build well with many twists and turns and a few surprises along the way.
I found the book highly entertaining the plot easy to follow and an all-round good read. This story is a must-read for any fan of the thriller/drama genre.
Although a work of fiction, this should be read by the world's major polluters (listed within the book); there is a warning here that is not entirely implausible given the current political upheavals and voter shifts seen throughout the globe.»
— Martin Humphries
«Global Warming, a book of intrigue, thought provoking facts and ideas, with many twists and turns. For the author, Garry Willmott, this is a totally new subject matter, one which encourages much debate and thought about human tragedy.
It is exciting, thought-provoking and imaginative, with a killer ending.
I totally recommend.»
— Ian Jones
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