John Robbins,Ocean Robbins

Voices of the Food Revolution

You Say You Want a (Food) Revolution?What happens when a pioneering food activist and bestselling author sits down with 20+ of the world's leading “food revolutionaries?” A collection of 21 intimate essays on the multi-faceted food movement and a call to join in on the work.
Food sustainability and food ethics today. Guided by food revolutionary John Robbins, food activists, scientists, farmers, and economists come together to answer all your questions about food. How many Americans eat no vegetables at all? Do cows raised for meat impact our climate more than cars? Is it possible to be a positive food revolutionary without sounding like a self-righteous nag?
Towards a healthy, sustainable future for food. In a world of food politics and genetic engineering, it’s hard to imagine a healthy and sustainable future. With a behind scenes look at the food movement, Voices of the Revolution shows how far we’ve come since Robbins started this revolution over twenty-five years ago. Each voice offers a healthy, humane, and delicious contribution to new ways of feeding the world and ourselves. Featuring the voices of:
Dean Ornish, MD, on Medicare and heart diseaseJoel Fuhrman, MD, and bestselling author of Eat to Live, on diets and optimal healthVandana Shiva, PhD, on GMOs and big agriculture companiesIf you enjoyed Robbins’s The Food Revolution or books like The Omnivore's DilemmaHealthy at 10031-Day Food Revolution, or Letters to a Young Farmer, then you’ll love Voices of the Revolution.
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