A Joosr Guide to… 10% Happier by Dan Harris

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We would all like to lead our lives feeling a sense of inner calm and contentment, but it seems that anxiety and other stress-based illnesses are on the rise. Learn how to quiet the negative voices in your head and start living a more peaceful life today.

Author of 10% Happier, ABC anchorman Dan Harris, struggled for years with stress and anxiety, which culminated in a frightening panic attack in front of millions of viewers. Harris researched a number of methods that are commonly recommended to quiet negative thoughts. Learn about these, and of the one simple yet dynamic practice that helped him reduce negativity and live a healthy, happy, and successful life: meditation.

You will learn:

· That spirituality can be a basis for combating negative thoughts-but you don't have to be spiritual to meditate

· How a few minutes a day of meditation can make all the difference

· That there are literally no good reasons not to start meditating.
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