Damon Lundqvist

Dealing With Horrible Bosses

In this book, we're going to tackle one of the main problems in our professional lives. How to handle god-awful managers and horrible bosses! They are difficult to please, get along with, and demand too much! It seems as though that boss was put there to torment us. He's the devil incarnate!But how do we deal with him or her? What steps and strategies can we do to get that person off our backs! Most all of us possess a clear vision of what we want our future to look like. Perhaps the picture isn’t completely clear, but it is there nonetheless. On various occasions throughout life you conducted inventories and assessments of your goals and your progress, and you made appropriate adjustments. You sat down and made specific plans which would take you where you wanted to go. You systematically attacked our short term goals to achieve those set for the long term. We have done everything right, and we managed to land a wonderful position with a reputable, quality organization. You are motivated, focused, determined, and you are on top of your attitude and thought life, which lies at the heart of any success you are aiming to achieve. Your future looks extremely bright.What could go wrong? Perhaps you are an industry veteran, and you are closing in on the acme of your life goals. You have just been given another promotion, and you find yourself only a step away from where you have been aiming for all along. Sure, you are in a new department with a new boss, but it’s smooth sailing from here. Nothing can stop you now. There is a common circumstance that can make the road of even the most focused and determined career professional pretty rocky for anyone in the situations mentioned above. It is the dilemma a being under the supervision of a leader who is sadly lacking; one who is simply a horrible boss. =================TABLE OF CONTENTS=================Introduction1. Planning for the end from the beginninga expect the unexpectedb never stop networkingc keep fishingd since you are big, make yourself biggere record the individual elements your position entailsi. Market statistics show i'm making less than i'm worth.2. Controlling the vehicle of your destinya. Do you have a well-laid “business plan” for your life?B. What do you truly contribute to your company?C. How much time will pass before you yearn for something more challenging?D. What are your needs and expectations regarding benefit packages?E. Itemize your successes.F. Assess the skills that are going to be of profit to you and others.3. What you are going to make will determine the job you take.A. Can you learn and grow there?B. What does the company offer for insurance benefits?C. Salaryd. Are you allowed time off without pay?E. Is the job within a reasonable traveling distance, in keeping with what you are willing and able to realistically handle?4. Eliminate the professional norm5. Networking6. Teamwork7. Gone fishin'…
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