Damon Lundqvist

The Corporate Warriors Manual

Claiming your piece of your target market can be an uphill battle between you and your competition. That is why many business people use military strategies to gain the upper hand, and influence how they conduct business.
There is an art to war. Before a military is dispatched on a mission, they have to determine what they want to accomplish by using military force. When you are running a business, you are conducting missions that all work to one common goal. You have to define the purpose of these “missions” as well as describe the necessary measures you have to take to make the mission be successful. Like the military, you will have to design the organization so that you are attacking the business world from all sides. For instance, the military has the Air Force for air strikes, the navy for sea battles and the army for foot soldiers. Your business may need a department for sales, a department for production, a department for customer service, a department for marketing, etc.

Table Of Contents

Structuring Your Business With Military Precision
Rules Of Engagement
Code Of Ethics
The Mighty Mission Statement
Make Leaders, Not Managers
The Business Chain Of Command
Dress For Success
Use An Awards Program For Positive Reinforcement
The Importance Of Building Morale
How To Be On The Offense In Business
A Business Plan Or A Military Strategy
Strong Clear Communication
Decisive Thinking
Diversify Your Training
Be The James Bond Of The Business World
Knowing Your Competition
Knowing Your Company
Knowing Your Consumer
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Bonus-Sample Chapters Of The Book:
Crucial Aspect Recognition And Identification
Elimination Of Any Remaining Aspects
Crucial Aspect Recognition & Identification
Effective Boundary Placements
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