The Beach, Sarah Linley
Sarah Linley

The Beach

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The gripping debut thriller — you will not want to miss the book everyone will be talking about this year!
It should have been paradise. But it turned into hell…
It was supposed to be the perfect trip. Four friends, fresh out of university, backpacking around Thailand. But among the sun, sea and sand, something went horribly wrong…
In the years since, Holly has tried hard to push memories of that terrible summer from her mind. Now a schoolteacher, she believes her life is finally coming together when she meets Tom and his adorable five-year-old son, Jack.
But then, Holly starts receiving anonymous messages, showing photos which Holly was sure she destroyed years ago. Someone clearly knows the truth about what really happened. The only question is, how far will they go to get revenge?
'A gripping thriller which kept me hooked right up to the chilling end’ Roz Watkins, author of The Devil’s Dice
‘A self-assured debut, engagingly written and well-paced’ Amanda Huggins, author of Separated from the Sea
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As he does, an overwhelming sense of panic rises up from where I had suppressed it. The roar of the water seems to be getting louder and there is a ringing in my ears. My vision blurs and it’s difficult to breathe. I can’t understand what he’s saying.
‘Look at me,’ a sharp command. I struggle to focus on the handsome paramedic who is crouched in front of me. ‘Breathe.’
I can’t. It’s as if my air passages have been blocked. My breaths are coming out as loud rasps and my lungs hurt as I battle for air. What’s happening to me?
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I lead Phoebe over to the sink in the corner of the classroom and try to wash it out but it’s hopeless
Ng Tsz
Ng Tsz цитирует3 месяца назад
don’t want anyone in the staff room to guess what I get up to at lunchtime.
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