Laura Karr

The Can Opener Gourmet

No time to cook? Low on energy? Don’t own (or want to clean) all the fancy gadgets?
To these common quandaries The Can Opener Gourmet® offers a bold proposal: Canned foods. With them you can create delicious nutritious meals quickly, with no preservatives or pesticide residue, while knowing the exact nutritional value of each ingredient. Cans offer reasonably priced fruits and vegetables (many organic) that are already washed, cooked, chopped, peeled and prepared for use, any time, any season, as close as your kitchen cabinet.
The digital version of the popular Can Opener Gourmet® cookbook includes more than 200 of the same great recipes that are quick, delicious and nutritious, using your own selection of canned fruits, vegetables and meats. It’s easy cuisine at the touch of a screen. What could be simpler?
It’s the perfect cookbook for moms, men, singles, students, preppers, campers, new cooks, older or challenged cooks, budget cooks, those cooking for large groups, and those who like to store food in cabins, campers or boats.
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