Hinds’ Feet on High Places, HANNAH HURNARD
    A Father’s Betrayal, Gabriella Gillespie
    The Summer Guest, Alison Anderson
    Colour Blind, G.S. Willmott
    G.S. Willmott
    Colour Blind
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    The Garden, Magnus Florin
    The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti, Howard Fast
    Leo Tolstoy, Pavel Basinsky
    The Black Prince, Anthony Burgess, Adam Roberts
    A Voice Through A Cloud, Denton Welch
    The Crossroads Brotherhood, Robert Fabbri
    Punk Story, Neil Rowland
    Smarty Girl, Honor Molloy
    Good-bye, Mr. Chips, James Hilton
    My Lady Caroline, Jill Jones
    Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride, Brian Sweany
    Inside My Glass Doors, Soseki Natsume
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