Emma Goldman

The Growing Discontent of the Masses

“The world is at a loss for a way out. Parliamentarism and democracy are on the decline. Salvation is being sought in Fascism and other forms of “strong” government.”
Accessible, humorous, impassioned, and strangely relevant to our present day: here are collected some of the best short pieces by Emma Goldman, once famously regarded as “the most dangerous woman in America.”
To a world grown weary of financial inequality, endless wars, rampant injustice, and atrocities committed in the name of profit and along our borders, Goldman still offers a very different vision for human societies, at once wildly idealistic, profoundly humane, and firmly rooted in the practical matters of daily life. Now is the perfect time to revisit this most radical of American dreamers.
59 бумажных страниц
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    Man’s quest for freedom from every shackle is eternal. It must and will go on.
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    True civilization is to be measured by the individual, the unit of all social life; by his individuality and the extent to which it is free to have its being to grow and expand unhindered by invasive and coercive authority.
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    Man’s true liberation, individual and collective, lies in his emancipation from authority and from the belief in it.
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