Rick Mac Gillis

The New Frontier In Web Api Programming

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Do you use a single API Call Processing Server? Worse yet, do you have all of your web servers making individual API calls all on their own?

Just a single API transaction takes 9 steps to complete through TCP, and your system is getting bogged down with delays from TCP communications. The internet runs on HTTP, and HTTP runs on TCP.

You could still use websockets to keep some of the overhead low. However, the TCP/IP stack is just one of many bottlenecks in your infrastructure.

Did you know that you don't need to collect the response from every API call you make? What if you could always speak to every API in your format of choice? I'll show you how.

In this book, you'll learn about how implementing an API Call Processing Server or cloud can dramatically reduce the time to transact with an API, reduce your web server overhead, and make programming with APIs so much easier.
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    Alex Fedorovделится впечатлением4 года назад

    Short and brief explanation of modern best practices, sometimes obvious but useful for a newbie.

    Inger Marianne Simmelsgaardделится впечатлением3 года назад
    🙈Ничего не понятно

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