Tan Chor Hoong

8 Romances

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The title 8 Romances immediately conjures up images of 8 love stories. So, is 8 Romances a collection of 8 love stories? Yes and No…
8 Romances is the author's love affair with 8 issues of GLOBAL interest… issues that universally impact happiness and everyday living… Chor Hoong calls for a quickening of the pace of the environmental movement in her home country… She has ideas on how to strengthen one's national identity and how we can be more socially gracious citizens…
She shows concern for the worldwide phenomenon of a weakening of the institution of marriage. She calls upon graduate women to fall in love, to be married and to have children. She shares her own rewarding experiences with romance, marriage and parenting…
She calls for positive thinking… She advocates living life to the fullest by injecting a stronger dose of PASSION in everything we do, with the motto: Anything that is worth doing is worth being passionate over!
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