Greg Chick,Zarrella Marta

All About Water

This fun illustrated book by Greg Chick, a LEED-AP plumber with over 40 years experience as a licensed contractor, tells the complete story of water through two fictional characters, cousins named Mike and Mac Ro.   Mac and his wife Jane care about Planet Earth, they are advocates for nature. They do their best to educate Mike and Goldie who love the fast life and creature comforts and could care less about conservation and sustainability.
This easy-to-read book is full of verifiable and useful information. It’s intended for first-time homeowners, but anyone who uses water will benefit from reading this fun little book no matter how they get their water. The artwork is engaging and explains the concepts covered. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is the theme of this volume which is packed with valuable information and an entertaining story told in pictures.
Readers learn about water use including how to safely re-use graywater. Plumbing design is discussed and illustrated in easy to understand schematics. Chapters and related artwork highlight new technologies, efficient outdoor irrigation and planting as well as plumbing design, fixtures, features and much more.
A chapter on municipal codes governing public water supplies includes information about the cost of water, how to read and understand your water bill as well as discussion about the complexities of municipal water management. Every living thing requires clean water to live and providing that water is a multifaceted process. The book shows how water managers and plumbing professionals are just as important to public health and safety as medical professionals.
The book is full of the history of water through the ages, including fun stories of how central water supply maintenance and indoor plumbing began which add a layer of interesting trivia. There is nothing like this book on the market today. Water educators will find it a helpful tool in their library of resources.
78 бумажных страниц
Дата публикации оригинала
Z GIrls Press, Inc, M.P. Zarrella Books



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