Shannon J. Allen

Keto Meal Prep

This cookbook will give you a breakthrough over stubborn fat belly and body. Probably you have been trying a lot of things like exercising, dieting and so on, but here in this cookbook; I will put through the meaning of Ketogenic Diet, the benefits/importance of Keto diets, align you with a routine that will help have a great body and live healthily even if you have a very busy schedule. Yes! You can follow the routine I will put you through in this book if you are a busy business personnel or CEO.
In this cookbook, you will discover
Three (3) ways you can promptly lose Weight without hassle;
Tasty and Nutritious foods that are great for your body at a very low price;
Easy grab and go recipes which you can quickly make for breakfast;
A four weeks Meal Plan table for a swift transition into that great body that you so crave for;
Learn how to write your own meal plan table that can be used by you and your family;
A shopping list of foods to order online or buy at the grocery store for effective weight loss;
The foods you need to avoid if you truly want to lose weight and live a healthy life.
I can assure you that this book is good for you and your family and will never regret buying it for yourself or as a gift to a friend.
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