A Joosr Guide to Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

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Is there something more important than IQ when it comes to a person's future success and happiness? Learn the important role that emotional intelligence has to play in the development of individuals and what you can do to facilitate a better future for yourself and others.

Emotional Intelligence explains the importance of EQ, and how it can affect a person with regard to academic, professional, and personal development. It also show you that emotional skills and traits are not fixed, but can be developed at any age with determination and practice. Understanding EQ and actively developing it can help you become more successful personally and professionally.

You will learn:

· How you can teach your children the important emotional skills they need to succeed in the future

· Why men and women handle emotions differently, and why that can make relationships a challenge

· Why we have emotions and how they can help us improve our relationships with the people around us.
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    Howard Gardner pointed out that low emotional intelligence causes people to make poor decisions about things that are very important, such as marriage and employment. You could say that emotional intelligence gives you the ability to use cognitive intelligence effectively.
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    this mode of thinking, it should follow that those at the top should almost always turn out markedly more successful than those in the middle or at the bottom, but reality has shown us that this is not the case. What is entirely ignored in the IQ system is emotional intelligence, sometimes known as character.
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    disappointment, fear, rejection, and failure. Even the “smartest” people can be overwhelmed by such feelings. The more understanding and control we have over how we feel, the better we are able to navigate the ups and downs of life.
    If we can’t effectively handl

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