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The force of the internet and the power of online consumers have dramatically altered the face of today's business world. Understanding and using this resource to its best advantage is essential to the success of every business. “Digital Marketing: Strategies for Online Success” clarifies the complex subject of ecommerce, presenting a simple 8-step strategy for success in internet marketing. This book is essential for anyone seeking success in a business environment altered by the digital revolution. Godfrey Parkin presents fascinating facts about both the history and potential of the internet, as well as providing clear and practical advice on how to make the most of it. Key strategies are outlined on every aspect of ecommerce including a step-by-step guide to developing a low-risk business strategy; the principles of designing a website that works as a successful business tool; guidelines on maximising effectiveness of search engines, email marketing and online advertising, as well as advice on using web 2.0 and social media in order to expand brand awareness and increase sales. This book is indispensable to anyone who wishes his or her company to remain relevant in today's digital environment.
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    The web is becoming increasingly social, with users wanting to use it more and more as a medium for publishing and exchanging information, rather than as a medium for simply absorbing information.
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    Marketing to your target audience through the local newspaper, or by stuffing flyers into neighbourhood post-boxes is one way to go. But there are other approaches that leverage the fact that consumers use the web to find, and share, solutions. These approaches include, for example, providing an easily found location-specific website; collecting and using email addresses from physical visitors; identifying your premises on Google Maps; running geo-targeted advertisements on search engines; advertising on local Wi-Fi hotspots or on municipal Wi-Fi when it arrives in your area; engaging with local online communities and having members recommend you
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    countries; an ad on Google that costs you 20 cents every time a potential customer clicks on it to get to your website will do just fine.

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