The Druid's Daughter, Ross Richdale
Ross Richdale

The Druid's Daughter

It is 320 AD and Hadrian's Wall separates Roman Britannia from the lands to the north where the village of Darbarri is located. There, Jelena is asked by her father, Druid Floyd, to travel south of the wall into Roman territory to help the people in the village of Bramfield.  It is a dangerous area for the new Roman emperor has declare that everyone living in the Roman Empire should convert to their new faith.

For the Celtic, this means giving up their beliefs with numerous gods and practices. Druids are not welcomed in Roman lands anymore even though they had helped villagers for centuries. With three friends, Olwina, Tad and Craddock she manages to reach Luguvahum the largest city south of the wall but with it, a surprise and perhaps the reason why her father sent her south in the first place.
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