How to Win an Argument Even When You Lose, Julian Short
Julian Short

How to Win an Argument Even When You Lose

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A bite-size practical guide to modern life and relationships as endorsed by the Premier and Storm model agencies.
‘How to Win an Argument’ is a bite-size guide to modern disputes and relationships. Dr Julian Short – author of ‘A Model for Living’ – draws on over 30 years of psychiatric experience to offer a simple but effective strategy for making sure you walk away from any dispute feeling great – even if you lose the debate.
HarperCollins Publishers
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, as we can find ourselves agreeing and doing nothing to avoid confrontation, or saying ‘yes’ when we really should say ‘no
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Being aggressively certain that you are right when you are wrong is guaranteed to earn you that title.
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Everybody tries to win and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there are good and not so good ways to go about it. Even if we do manage to win an argument or get things to go our way, if no one likes us, we won’t be all that happy with the outcome.
HarperCollins , HarperCollins Publishers
HarperCollins Publishers
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