Flora's Fury, Ysabeau S. Wilce
Ysabeau S. Wilce

Flora's Fury

“A charming conclusion to a fine fantasy series” that began with Flora Segunda and Flora’s Dare (Booklist).
Despite her troublesome attraction to magick, Flora has more or less spent her life doing what’s been expected of her. Now, at sixteen, she knows that this path has been strewn with secrets. Sure that her true mother, Tiny Doom—long believed to be dead—is alive, Flora becomes determined to find her and leave behind the lies she’s been told about who she is. Flora’s quest takes her on a journey from lawless islands to the deadly desert, and into an unexpected romance with a brooding stranger who reveals himself to be a kindred spirit. And it all becomes far more dangerous when Flora realizes how desperately their enemies want Tiny Doom—and Flora herself—dead.
“[A] thrilling, bizarre ride.” —The Horn Book
“Readers return to our heroine at a pivotal moment in her growth . . . Flora fans will love old mysteries solved.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Offers some enjoyable twists . . . fans of Flora will not be disappointed.” —Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)
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