Josh Havan

Stop Poisoning Yourself & Your Family

We all live busy lives with little or no time to find the right food or eat the most nutritious meals. When trying to find finely cooked food we may eat out at restaurants where we may not know how the meal was prepared and with what ingredients. Or worse we go to fast food places in an attempt to quickly feed our hunger. Then we attempt at buying our meal supplies & food at grocery stores to make the food ourselves in an attempt to know what we are eating but then we have to go through the process of actually reading the labels of each product to know what is actually in the processed foods we are trying to buy such as cans and packaged meals etc. The challenge is that at times when we go grocery shopping, we are either hungry, tired, sleepy, with no time to read any labels, or distracted by our kids or a combination of these. So we just pile whatever is visually appealing or whatever our stomach tells us is tasty based on either past choice or a recommendation from someone. Keep in mind that whatever is considered 'tasty' may not be healthy for us but our conditioning is that the instant gratification satisfaction makes it okay to eat something which may not be healthy for us. So as we progress in life with our not so good choices above, our children model our choices and habits and the next thing you know you have a series of generation of people with the same habits which are not helpful to your health. When we are buying something to eat and we ask ourselves 'how many people have touched this product which I am planning to eat'? You will see that the more processing done to the food the more people have touched what you are going to eat. The more processing done to the food to keep it longer on the shelf means more additives to keep the food longer without going bad or rotten. Your can of beans or tomatoes may have been made a long time ago and you may be eating it today.
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