Цитаты из книги «Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead», Olga Tokarczuk

nger always leaves a large void behind it, into which a flood of sorrow pours instantly, and keeps on flowing like a great river, without beginning or end. My tears came; once again their sources were replenished.
Perhaps that’s the whole point of prayer – to think to yourself in peace, to want nothing, to ask for nothing, but simply to sort out your own mind. That should be enough
Long years of unhappiness cause a Person worse degradation than a fatal illness.
Perhaps there were some angels watching over him; sometimes they turn up on the wrong side.
logue. His vocabulary mainly consisted of curses, onto which he tacked some proper nouns.
eing healthy is an insecure state and does not bode well. It’s better to be ill in a quiet way, then at least we know what we’re going to die of.
Some are born to Endless Night

William Blake

In a way, people like her, those who wield a pen, can be dangerous.
For the best conversations are with yourself. At least there’s no risk of a misunderstanding.
Without a doubt Anger is the source of all wisdom, for Anger has the power to exceed any limits.
Long years of unhappiness cause a Person worse degradation than a fatal illness.
Cautiously I unwound the repulsive foot wrappings, and saw his feet. They astonished me. I have always regarded the feet as the most intimate and personal part of our bodies, and not the genitals, not the heart, or even the brain, organs of no great significance that are too highly valued. It is in the feet that all knowledge of Mankind lies hidden; the body sends them a weighty sense of who we really are and how we relate to the earth. It’s in the touch of the earth, at its point of contact with the body that the whole mystery is located – the fact that we’re built of elements of matter, while also being alien to it, separated from it. The feet – those are our plugs into the socket.
I am already at an age and additionally in a state where I must always wash my feet thoroughly before bed, in the event of having to be removed by an ambulance in the Night
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